The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE is an all-electric compact Crossover SUV that iDriveSoCal’s Professor, Clinton Quan, chose as one of his first vehicles to test drive at the Orange County Auto Show.

And the Good Professor was not disappointed with Jaguar’s new entry into its model line-up.  Coming to Southern California Jaguar dealerships soon, Professor Quan put the I-PACE through its paces and came back with his complete analysis.  Click play below and check out a couple pics he was able to snap for this iDriveSoCal Podcast.

Parked black 2019 Jaguar I-PACE Electric compact Crossover SUV with a blue strip down the side at the Orange County International Auto Show pictured in the iDriveSoCal Podcast 129 banner


Recording date – October 4, 2018, in Anheim, CA

Jaguar Electric I-PACE Electric Crossover SUV

Clinton Quan: It is the all new, 2019 Jaguar I-PACE. Which is an electric crossover, it has two electric motors and pumps out 390 horsepower and a 512 lb-ft of torque. It is a completely brand-new vehicle, there’s never been a Jaguar vehicle like this before.

Tom Smith: Welcome to iDriveSoCal. The podcast. All about mobility from the automotive capital of the United States, southern California. Tom Smith here at the Orange County auto show. With the good Professor, Mr. Clinton Quan. Say hello Clinton.

Clinton Quan: Hi Tom.

Tom Smith: Hello. We are here at the tail end of the media day event of day one of the Orange County Auto Show and preparations are still underway so if you hear a little bit of construction banging in the background, that’s just me and the Professor at the job site.

“…the wheelbase is actually longer than… an X5 which is a midsize crossover, but the overall length is about the same as an X3.”

The topic of this podcast here is going to be the test drive that the Professor did of the something, something, Jaguar.

Clinton Quan: It is the all new, 2019 Jaguar I-PACE. Which is an electric crossover.

Tom Smith: It’s an electric crossover.

Clinton Quan: Or you could say an electric SUV and it is a compact SUV.

Tom Smith: You know, I think we need to do a podcast entirely separate of talking about what’s a crossover, what’s an SUV. Because I think there’s so much gray area there. But, with that being said, it’s all electric?

Clinton Quan: It’s all electric. It has two electric motors. Pumps out 390 horsepower and a 512 lb-ft of torque.

Tom Smith: So, you step on it, you feel it.

Clinton Quan: Zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

Tom Smith: That’s the beautiful thing about the electric right?

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Gorgeous Inside & Out

Tom Smith: And now Professor’s telling me off mic that the interior of this vehicle puts the Tesla model X interior to shame quite literally.

Clinton Quan: I would say all the Tesla interiors to shame. This interior is beautiful.

Black 2019 Jaguar I-PACE Electric Crossover/SUV with blue stripe across the side at the Orange County auto show

Tom Smith: You know it’s gonna be interesting.

Clinton Quan: Very, very well designed. Gorgeous looking interior.

Tom Smith: It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with Tesla with everything moving forward. But, again Professor and I can go off on tangents so easily. We’re not gonna do that right now. We’re gonna stay focused on the Jaguar I-PACE. F-TYPE I-PACE.

“…the center of gravity is actually lower in this vehicle than in the F-TYPE which is their sports car.”

Clinton Quan: Is that what it is? No, it’s just called the I-PACE.

Tom Smith: Just the I-PACE.

Clinton Quan: Yes. Just the I-PACE.

Tom Smith: But now, so it’s an electric crossover. All electric. Is it a midsize, full size, compact, subcompact?

Clinton Quan: It is a compact crossover. It is approximately 184 inches in length. So that would definitely be a compact crossover. However, just reading I noticed that the wheelbase is actually longer than the wheelbase of an X5 which is a midsize crossover, but the overall length is about the same as an X3. So it’s a very, very long wheelbase and obviously very short front and rear overhangs.

Tom Smith: So, is this vehicle brand new for 2019?

Clinton Quan: It is a completely brand-new vehicle.

Tom Smith: There’s no refresh, no, nothing. It’s brand new.

Clinton Quan: This is an all new vehicle.

Tom Smith: New platform.

Clinton Quan: There’s never been a Jaguar vehicle like this before.

Tom Smith: Okay. Because it’s a Jag, I’m assuming it’s gorgeous?

On-Road All-Wheel Drive

Clinton Quan: Yes. Really, really clean lines. Some beautiful curves. I would say definitely one of the best electric vehicles out there in terms of exterior design.

Tom Smith: Okay. And what about the drive? Where did you go. Roads obviously because we’re here at the O.C. Auto Show doing test drives.

Clinton Quan: Yes, it was a street drive and this one was different that the Mazda. Since I did drive another Jaguar and we’ll do another podcast on that one, I got a shorter test drive in this particular vehicle and it was just around the block.

Tom Smith: Now is this ever intended to go off-road?

“The range for this vehicle… is 234 miles.”

Clinton Quan: No. It’s an all-wheel drive vehicle, but it’s definitely not intended for off-roading.

Tom Smith: But it puts the driver in an upright seating position in relation to the road, right?

Clinton Quan: Correct. Yes. You’re in an elevated position.

Tom Smith: And you have plenty of ground clearance as well.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: But then the interesting thing is too, you were mentioning that they told you that the center of gravity of this.. What was that about?

Clinton Quan: I was told that the center of gravity is actually lower in this vehicle than in the F-TYPE which is their sports car. Which I found very, very interesting because when you think of a sports car, it’s a car that’s low to the ground and would have excellent center… Low center of gravity. But this one, because you’ve got all the batteries. The batteries are placed so low, it gives you a lower center of gravity.

Stability & Range

Tom Smith: So, the center of gravity it’s important to point out and for everybody to understand this, that the center of gravity and the ground clearance are not one in the same.

Clinton Quan: It’s not.

Tom Smith: However, that drive is going to give you a very steady, very sure footed feel because of that center of gravity being low, even though your ground clearance is higher.

Clinton Quan: Correct. And that’s why the car handles so well and this car has been tested at the race track and performs very, very well.

Tom Smith: Now what kind of range are we talking about in this vehicle?

“The design of the I-PACE is that it looks like a regular crossover.”

Clinton Quan: The range for this vehicle, according to Jaguar is 234 miles.

Tom Smith: Okay.

Clinton Quan: Of course, that will vary based on… numerous conditions. How you drive, the number of passengers in the vehicle.

Tom Smith: And how are we charging it?

Clinton Quan: How are we charging it?

Jaguar Land Rover Experience Drive Experience at the Orange County Auto Show

Tom Smith: How we charging it? Can we charge it at home? Do we need…

Clinton Quan: Oh, I’m sure there’s numerous ways of charging it yeah. I’m sure you can charge it at home and they probably have special chargers that you can purchase.

Tom Smith: We need to know how we’re charging them. As we move more into the electric test drives, Professor. We need to know how we’re charging. It’s a Jaguar, so it’s beautiful. It’s fun car to drive because of electric.

Clinton Quan: Yes. And you can feel that torque instantaneously.

Tom Smith: What else can you tell us about the Jaguar I-PACE for 2019 which is a brand-new vehicle. All electric and compact you said right?

Non-Electric Appearance

Clinton Quan: It is a compact. It’s got that virtual dash. Very well designed. Crisp graphics. Really clean display. And there’s plenty of space even though it is a compact crossover.

Tom Smith: Plenty of space even though it’s a compact crossover and electric. So, you still have … Where’s this battery going. The battery’s on the bottom. The Prius was like the first of the hybrids and they looked the way that they looked because it was like, well we have this battery issue.

“It’s got that virtual dash. Very well designed. Crisp graphics.”

But it almost seems like the battery issue is becoming less and less an issue as we progress in the battery technology and more electrics are coming out. More hybrids are coming out. So, the hybrid or the all-electric vehicle actually looks like what we would call a car as opposed to a spaceship.

Clinton Quan: Yes. And that’s the other thing I really appreciate about this. The design of the I-PACE is that it looks like a regular crossover.

A lot of auto manufacturers, they purposely design the vehicle to look a certain way because it’s an eclectic vehicle or it’s a hybrid. I think that most people will find this very aesthetically pleasing in terms of the exterior design and the interior is very luxurious. And it has that futuristic look to it too.

Black 2019 Jaguar I-PACE compact Crossover SUV at the Orange County Auto Show

Tom Smith: So futuristic, but does it scream, “I’m an electric vehicle,” when you first look at it?

Clinton Quan: No.

Tom Smith: When you get in it?

Clinton Quan: No. It does not.

Tom Smith: Okay. So it’s just a new, nice vehicle that happens to be electric.

Clinton Quan: Correct.

Tom Smith: And is it in dealerships right now? Is it coming? When is it coming?

Coming Soon!

Clinton Quan: It is not in dealerships at the moment. It will be in dealerships sometime this Fall.

Tom Smith: Sometime this Fall.

Clinton Quan: But I don’t believe a date has been announced. And there are currently… Well, there’s three trim levels, but there’s also a fourth special trim level called a First Edition. So the starting price is about $69,500 for the S. Then there’s and SE, and HSE that goes all the way up to about $80,000.

“…the starting price is about $69,500 for the S. Then there’s and SE, and HSE that goes… to about $80,000.”

Tom Smith: Okay. So this is priced appropriately for the name Jag as well as the luxurious aspect.

Clinton Quan: Yes. So there’s about an $11,000 price differentiation from the base model to the top of the line trim.

Tom Smith: All right. So it’s luxury, it’s performance, it’s Jaguar.

Clinton Quan: Jaguar. Yes. It’s got style too.

Top-3 Favorites

Tom Smith: Of course, it’s got style. It’s a Jag. Come on man. Top three things.

Clinton Quan: Top three things. I would go with the interior design. Considering all the eclectic vehicles that are out there and comparing this to the others, this one really stands out. The performance obviously. With 512 lb-ft of torque, 394 horsepower. And the handling with the low center of gravity. So those are my top three.

Professor Quan’s Top-3
1. Interior – gorgeous design
2. Performance – 394-hp & 512 lb-ft of torque
3. Handling – low center of gravity

Tom Smith: Those are the Professor’s top three on the Jaguar I-PACE, which is brand new for 2019. All electric.

Clinton Quan: 2019.

Tom Smith: Compact.

Clinton Quan: Crossover.

Tom Smith: Crossover/SUV. Coming this Fall, before the turn of the year. Before the new year so to speak.

Clinton Quan: Yes.

Tom Smith: Professor, thank you. As always. From the tail end of the media day at the Orange County Auto Show, with all of the hubbub in the background. Thank you as always for listening. I’m Tom Smith. This is iDriveSoCal. We’ll talk to you soon.