The long-anticipated all-new 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is coming soon to Southern California showroom floors.  Check out the test drive and our review when VW brought the Arteon out to Ontario Volkswagen.

The Arteon replaces the 2017 Volkswagen CC as the largest sedan Volkswagen offers.

In this iDriveSoCal Podcast, we connect with Randy Halcomb from Ontario Volkswagen – (Ontario VW is one of several SoCal auto dealerships iDSC is proud to partner with).

Randy joins me for a special preview of the Arteon, and to share details on a few remaining CC’s still on the lot Ontario Volkswagen – available for purchase at nearly a third of their original price!

(Call Randy directly on his cell if you’re interested: 909-772-1728.)VW Arteon and CC Nose to Nose as part of the iDriveSoCal101 Podcast banner


Recorded July 18, 2018, Ontario, CA

2019 VW Arteon Replaces Volkswagen CC

Randy: I had chance to drive it, and was really blown away with the acceleration, the power. I love the sleek exterior where it’s the four-door, but it looks like a coupe.

Tom: Welcome to iDriveSoCal, the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capital of the United States, Southern California. Tom Smith here. And today, I am out at … We, you and I, Mr. and Mrs. podcast listener, we are out at Ontario Volkswagen in the Los Angeles suburb of Ontario, California. And joining me, joining us, is Mr. Randy Halcomb of Ontario Volkswagen. And Randy, thanks for coming aboard.

Randy: Thank you. Good to have you out here again. And we love doing this.

Tom: So, the topic that Randy and I are covering today, it’s a little bit different. As usual on the iDriveSoCal Podcast, how many of these do I open with, “Now, we’re going to do it a little bit different.” We’re going to do it a little bit different again. So, we have … Volkswagen has the Volkswagen CC. The CC has been the largest sedan that Volkswagen has offered. And as everyone that follows automotive, as well as Volkswagen, knows, the Arteon is going to be coming out here any minute now, right? I mean, pretty much.

Randy: Yes. It was, I think, slated the third quarter of 2018. And so, I’m assuming that, you know, probably here in the next month or two that it should start getting released.

Rare Uber-Value Opportunities 

Tom: So, Volkswagen is going to alert you guys, but it’s coming, and it’s already out in Europe. And the Arteon has a lot of fanfare that is following it. It’s a beautiful vehicle. We’re going to touch a little bit on that in a minute, but before we get to that, again, a little bit different on the iDriveSoCal Podcast, we’re going to talk about a couple of CCs, Volkswagen CC vehicles that are sitting on the lot here at Ontario Volkswagen right now. And they are ridiculous buys.

Now, as you listen to the iDriveSoCal Podcast, I don’t think you’ve ever heard us pitch a deal. That’s not what we do. We’re not a radio station barking deals at you in 30-second, 15-second, or 60-second spots. That’s not what we do. We’re all about educating you, our listening audience, and thank you for listening, and sharing information that can be useful and helpful.

Now, in this case, myself personally, I am a huge, huge, huge value buyer. And, in fact, if one of my leases was up right now, and I needed a vehicle, I would probably jump on one of these two deals because it’s such a situation where Volkswagen’s doing away with the CC. So, that model is going away. But to be clear, Volkswagen is not going away. So, the manufacturer and the dealer are still standing by behind the vehicle 100%. The vehicle sticker price, I think, is about $36,000-ish, and Ontario Volkswagen has two of them right now that are how much off, Randy?

CC-Ya Later –> Significant Savings Opportunity

Randy: We’ve got them priced out here for $8000 off MSRP, but anybody listening to this podcast, you know, we’ll give them an additional $2000 discount, and we’ll take a total of $10,000 off the MSRP. So, I want to say the MSRP is right around $35,700. So, you’re looking at about $25,700, somewhere around there.

Tom: 25, so that’s huge. I mean, that’s-

Randy: Yes, yes.

Tom: That’s almost a third of the price, right?

Randy: That’s a lot of savings.

Tom: It’s more than … I need to remove my shoes, socks, and utilize my fingers, as well as toes. But that’s a darn good deal there.

Randy: Yeah. I mean, it’s … You know, anybody who’s looking to get, you know, a great value and really get the most for their money, I mean, they can’t go wrong there. I mean, you think, of our Passats and some of our Jettas are in that $25,000 range, $27,000 range. And to get more of an executive type vehicle with more features, more benefits, you know, for the same price, it’s just an incredible deal. And we had the opportunity to go out and test drive it.

Tom: Yes.

Randy: You know, I’m very, very, you know, taken away that this car that we haven’t had more people on this vehicle here over this last year.

Athletic Sporty Drive

Tom: Let’s face it, we’re in Southern California, so there are so many cars, right. Oceans of cars everywhere you turn, and so many deals. So, these diamonds in the rough every now and then come around. And it’s exciting to be able to share this with you, the listener. I don’t know if you listening happen to be a Volkswagen driver already, or maybe a competitive driver, or whatever else. To me, again, I’m a value buyer. I love the value. It’s a fantastic deal. And as Randy pointed out, we did drive the car. We went for a little … One of the two of them anyway, went for a little test drive, and grabbed some lunch. And I can tell you that … Well, what was the trim level that we drove?

Randy: Yeah, it was the Sport.

Tom: Okay. So, we drove the Sport. So, it had … I love the spacious interior. The acceleration. I love the exterior styling. Actually, looking at the new pictures of the Arteon, which we’re going to get to the Arteon in just a minute, but looking at the new pictures of the Arteon, I see some close similarities. So, why Volkswagen is doing what they’re doing, Volkswagen knows. And I’m sure a Volkswagen rep could articulate that more concisely than I could, but as far as getting rid of the CC, and moving forward with the Arteon. But the CC that we drove, great acceleration, great exterior styling, comfy yet very sporty as well interior, and as Randy pointed out, you know, that executive feel. You know, it had a great comfortable, sporty comfortable seating with the-

Ready for Anything Interior

Randy: Bolsters.

Tom: …Bolsters and everything. Yeah, I love that. So, if this was an official vehicle review with the Professor and I, I would rattle off my top three things. Randy, won’t you go and ask me, what are my top three things about this car?

Randy: Tom, what are your top three things about the-

Tom: Randy, I’m glad you asked about what my top three things are. My number one, I’d have to go with the great exterior styling. I love the way the CC looks. Number two, the spaciousness the car has for its class. It has a lot of space. And number three is the performance acceleration. I love being able to step on the gas and feel like I’m in control of the highway, as opposed to the flow of traffic being in control of me. So, those are my top three things. And thanks for asking.

Randy: No problem. I’ve got a top three too.

Tom: All right. Randy, what are your top three things on the CC?

Randy: I had the chance to drive this car and working for another German manufacturer, BMW, for so many years, I got that feel that it was very, very similar to, you know, that same type of drive, and the way it handled, and, you know, for a fraction of the price.

Tom: Yeah, German luxury, right?

German Luxury Feel Of Arteon

Randy: German luxury, for sure. And as I had the chance to drive it, and was really blown away with the acceleration, the power. But, you know, I love the sleek exterior where it’s the four-door, but it looks like a coupe.

Tom: Yeah.

Randy: So, you know, those people that are looking for that coupe, but still need that space, and haven’t been able to talk themselves into getting a vehicle yet, this might be that car for them. So, I love the way it looks like a coupe. And then, the other, I would say is the value that you get with the CC.

Tom: Yeah. Well, you know what, that should have been on my top three as well, the value, but was kind of like the umbrella of this entire premise. Again, we don’t normally pitch a deal on a car, but, in this case, we have two of these. And that bleeds into the Arteon, which is going to be coming out again any minute probably in the next handful of weeks. Volkswagen Ontario, Volkswagen out here should have their hands on them. And boy, what a beautiful car. And in the same vein, right, the executive that still is in a Volkswagen-badge vehicle, the four-door coupe feel, which is kind of funny, right? It’s a four-door coupe or it’s a two-door sedan, whatever it is.

Randy: Yeah.

Tom: It’s conceptually-

Randy: So many doors.

Arteon Aggressive Styling

Tom: Right, conceptually. Just so you know what we’re talking about, what was back in like ’06 – ’07, I think Randy and I were talking over lunch. I think it was the Mercedes-Benz CLS that first kind of came out with this concept-

Randy: Yeah.

Tom: …where they took the four-door sedan, and they made a really sporty look, and sloped the behind, the back door, the back wall. The professor would be able to tell you exactly what that point of the car is. I think, that’s the C-pillar. I think that the A pillars are in front.

Randy: Correct.

Tom: They really hold up the windshield.

Randy: Yup.

Tom: The B pillars are in between front door and back door, front door and back of the car. And then, the C pillar is what holds up the window at the back. Is that correct, Randy?

Randy: I’m going to agree with you, but I don’t know about the A pillars in the front.

Tom: Okay. So, at any rate, the CLS had that. It was a four-door, but it would slope in the back. And it had a real sporty look to a four-door vehicle, and kind of changed our whole perception. And then, since then, many other manufacturers have kind of embraced that, BMW being one of them, and pretty much everybody. But so, that’s what this does. That’s what the Arteon does as well. And it’s a very sporty, aggressive-looking vehicle. Randy, what else can you tell us about the Arteon?

2019 VW Arteon

Randy: Well, a couple of new things that kind of stood out as, you know, looking at some of the information stuff on it is you’re going from a 200 horsepower in the CC to, you know, I think, the top engine on the Arteon is going to have like 276 horsepower. So, plenty of power. And it’s going to be available in, I believe, four different engines or so that have the turbo. And then, it’s going to have its top engine. It’s going to have 276 horsepower. It’s going to be available in 4Motion, three trim levels, that SC, the SCL, and the SCL Premium.

Tom: Okay. And just so everybody knows, the 4Motion in Volkswagen terms is all-wheel drive. And that’s all-wheel drive that is electronically controlled. The power is distributed electronically to the wheel that needs it the most depending on the conditions, correct Randy?

Randy: On the 4Motion, correct.

Tom: Okay. So, it’s going to have 4Motion on three different trim levels. What else about the Arteon?

Randy: So, the other thing is the comfort features, the styling, sports seats, all that are going to be very, very similar. I think, you’re going to see a few more standard options on the the Arteon as it comes out to compete with its kind of class. It’s going to start out between 34 and peak out somewhere in the low 40s, somewhere in that range. But to have that upper echelon, I guess you could say, sport type of executive vehicle-

Tom: Yeah.

Randy: … under $50,000 is an incredible value.

Ontario Volkswagen 

Tom: Well, it’s Volkswagen. So, you’re talking huge value there. You’re talking a vehicle that will run forever if you buy it and decide to keep it forever, or if you lease it and decide to buy it at the end of the lease. And then, you have, as you point out, all those additional benefits of the styling and the features. And, of course, you’re going to have the Volkswagen Digital Dash as well, which is an awesome piece of technology that Volkswagen’s putting in in its cars. So, the Arteon, again, coming out in just a handful of months to wrap this one up, unless you have anything else, Randy.

Randy: If you haven’t had chance to see the CC or if you’re interested and taking a look at the new Arteon, they’re going to come out, but we do expect them to move pretty quick.

Tom: Randy and Ontario Volkswagen are here to serve. And, again, there’s two CCs left at ridiculous discounts, and the Arteon, you know, stay tuned. As soon as we can get our hands on them here and iDriveSoCal, I’ll drive one or the professor will drive one, or Bernadette will drive one. And I would give you the street dope on the all new 2019. They’re calling it 2019, right?

Randy: Yeah. By the time we get it, it will be 2019.

Tom: 2019 Volkswagen Arteon. Randy, thank you as always for joining me.  For iDriveSoCal, I’m Tom Smith. Thank you for listening.